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Meydan Free Zone: A Strategic Hub for Global Entrepreneurs

Meydan Business Setup

Meydan Free Zone established within Dubai’s iconic Meydan Hotel in 2009, it has evolved into a dynamic epicentre for entrepreneurs, attracting ambitious minds from the UAE and across the globe. What sets Meydan Free Zone apart, and why should you contemplate positioning your business within its thriving environment? Let’s delve into the compelling reasons that make Meydan Free Zone an enticing choice for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Strategic Location and Aesthetic Allure:

With its striking glass and steel façade situated adjacent to the Meydan racetrack and golf course in central Dubai, Meydan Free Zone offers more than just an aesthetically pleasing workspace. The location provides an impressive backdrop to engage clients, foster company growth, and indulge in leisure activities.

Central Hub of Dubai:

Meydan Free Zone’s strategic location places you at the heart of Dubai’s bustling landscape. A short 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport and a mere 12 minutes from the vibrant downtown, accessibility is at its prime. Nestled within the iconic Meydan Hotel, overlooking the Meydan Golf Course and horse racing track, this location serves as a captivating venue for meetings, complemented by access to the hotel’s amenities for impactful negotiations.

Comprehensive Business Setup:

Meydan Free Zone amalgamates quality office spaces, a central location, and a conducive environment for success, offering an ideal platform to launch and nurture your business in Dubai.

Entrepreneurial Environment and Cost-Effective Setup:

Meydan Free Zone caters to the needs of budding entrepreneurs through a trade-friendly environment. Key advantages include 100% foreign ownership, and cost-effective setup and renewal structures. The free zone presents a diverse range of business activities, a support desk for a seamless process, and the flexibility to choose from various licenses and workspaces, including standard desks and office spaces.

Meydan Free Zone license fees – Cost starts from 12,520 AED included registration address with 3 business activity:

Type of licence | Visa EligibilityLicense cost first year License Renewal fee
ZERO visa packageAED 12,520AED 12,520
1 visa packageAED 14,370AED 14,370
2 visas package AED 16,220 AED 16,220
3 visas packageAED 18,070AED 18,070
4 visas PackageAED 19,920AED 19,920

The time frame of the company registration is between 3 to 5 business days and the process could be done remotely so the presence of the shareholders and directors is not required.

Several items to be considered with the above packages.

Meydan Free Zone – Residence visa fee – cost:

  1. Establishment Card fee: 1st year AED 2,000 | Renewal fee: AED 2,200
  2. Meydan Residence Visa fee: AED 3,520 per applicant (Employment visa)
  3. Medical checkup: VIP process AED 850 | Normal Process AED 450
  4. Emirates ID application fee: AED 390

For Meydan Free Zone Investor visa fee , additional charges of AED 1,000 per applicant

Entrepreneur-Ready Infrastructure:

For businesses seeking efficient startup options, Meydan Free Zone operates under a Limited Liability Company license (LLC-FZ). It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including immigration support, business assistance, premium addresses, and seamless bank account opening services.

Vibrant Business Community and Networking Opportunities:

Meydan Free Zone fosters a vibrant community, providing endless networking opportunities with businesses and innovative entrepreneurs. The diverse mix of startups, SMEs, and multinationals in Dubai and Meydan creates a dynamic environment for collaboration and partnerships.

Inspiring Growth Through Collaboration:

Positioning your company in Meydan Free Zone provides access to a unique community that stimulates growth through innovation and collaboration. Business networking events facilitate connections with new customers, decision-makers, and potential partners.

Central Access to Business Ecosystem:

Being in the centre of Dubai grants direct access to everything needed to start and grow a business. The dynamic mix of private and government companies in Dubai and Meydan provides numerous opportunities for collaboration and growth.


Choosing Meydan Free Zone transcends the conventional business setup, offering a strategic and thriving environment designed to elevate your entrepreneurial journey through innovation, collaboration, and prime access to Dubai’s diverse business landscape.

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