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5 useful tips to make your web design functional and attractive:

In online business your website is the face of you business, the way you maintain and manage your website have a great impact on your sale, while creating your business website make sure to choose web designers with positive feedback and promising results, there are many agencies that are providing good and affordable web design services in UAE. You can attract more customers and increase your sales by improving and upgrading you’re the different elements of your website.

useful tips for improving web design:

  1. Arrangement of elements;

Visual hierarchy have a great impact on website audit, arrange different elements of your website on the basis of their importance, for e.g. the most trending and demanded services should be on the main page of your website with prominent headings. Elements should be arranged in the right manor from top to bottom of your website. That’s the reason why contact info and privacy policies are mostly on the last of web page with normal writing.

  • Right choice of heading;

Headings are a great way to attract attention and introduce your products and services, add headings, subheadings on right places, so the visitors can get the idea of your products and services. While writing headings select right words to describe your product in Maximum 10 words, also clearly state each section of your website individually in menu for e.g. if you’ve a clothing websites add names of your different collection in menu, so the visitors can access the product they want in one click.

  • Color coordination;

According to psychology different colors have different impact on person’s mind, choose colors that are fit to describe your business and have a pleasant after effect, choose the colors to make objects more prominent and create a difference between object and background. For e.g. light gray object on the white background wouldn’t stand out as much as the black, pink or other sharp colors.

  • Include distance between objects;

Deliberately include blank spaces between objects to separate them from each other, so every item can attract equal attention, you can call this empty space as negative space, cluttered website with too much information would only create confusion and negative feedback in visitor’s brain, so it’s better to add blank spaces, only add needed information in short paragraph and bullet lines.

  • Selection of photos;

Adding pictures on your website is also crucial, add clear photos of your products captured with professionals cameras and moderately edited, if your business is services based not product based, add relevant photos to your services that can justify the respective service, you can also add photos of your team in about us section.

Final advice;

You can get your work done from professional web designers just contact a good digital agency they’ll not only create your business website but also can modify your ideas, you should also consider SEO marketing method by any best SEO consultant in Dubai to boost your business.

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