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Best 5 off-screen activities for Children

Are you worried about children’s screen time? Do your children spend more than 2 hours a day watching mobile, television, tab, or laptop? Don’t worry, this problem is not only yours, but according to many researches almost ninety percent of children who have mobile access or internet facility available spends more or less 4 hours a day in front of the screen.

There are many other off-screen activities for children like playing outdoor play games like Montessori fishing game or other board games.

In this article, we are going to share some creative ideas and activities for children below 5 to reduce their screen time.

Outdoor Activities

As technology is growing rapidly, engagement time with technology is booming inversely. Every day new features and creative applications catch the interest of children. They always like to spend more and more time playing games and watching cartoons. That makes them unwilling to be a part of outdoor activities. The habit of avoiding outdoor exposure creates health issues in children such as a lack of immunity, weaker muscles and bones, and low stamina.

Also, less exposure to sunlight can cause vitamin D deficiency which is very common these days. Outdoor activities include playing sports such as cricket, football, tennis and so on. Socializing is also a part of outdoor activity.

Indoor Games

Indoor games include games like a small snooker table, carom board or. Outdoor activities of children may need plan and money. To perform children’s outdoor activities, parents also need to contribute their time. But in case parents cannot manage an outdoor activity, they can engage children in indoor games.

There are many indoor games are available in the market. These activities can not only increase the ability to focus in children but also can protect their eyesight which can be drastically affected by constant screen time.

Board Games

Board games are not useless at all. They’re very good at improving the IQ of children. Their step to step thinking requirements let children create a better sense of strategy making and playing the right moves at the right time. Thus we cannot ignore the fact that engaging children in board games are outstanding brain exercise.

Indoor Sports

There are many sports which can be arranged in an indoor environment such as swimming, badminton, table tennis and so on. Indoor sports can also contribute a lot to improving physical health.

Help around Housework

It is a wise move to engage children in day-to-day home tasks such as cleaning, cooking, gardening and dishes. These exercises will help them in creating a sense of responsibility. Also by engaging children in day-to-day home activities, you can snatch a good chunk of screen time from their routine.


To avoid the misuse of the technology we can try the above methods visit to the best online toy store. These methods can distract children from using their phones all the time and help in maintaining screen time below 2 hours a day.  

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